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One of the best ways to move forward in web development is to unify and create links between design and implementation. Brackets is an editor for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript developed by Adobe that aims to do just that, offering tools to streamline the page-making process and improve conversion between graphic editors and their interpretation into a given language.

Brackets is an open-source tool with a clear and straightforward interface that automatically detects code. It helps in writing it, too, by indenting and color-coding segments for easy identification and organizing all the project elements in a work area where you can categorise everything in a tree and where code files and visual elements make up the page you're programming.

One of its most interesting features is the Live Preview mode, where you can open a project in the browser and see the changes you make in the source code in real time. In addition, its functions can be enormously expanded with third-party extensions. One of them, called Extract for Brackets, comes pre-integrated into the program and allows you to export data in the PSD format typical of Photoshop files, although this also requires registering for an Adobe account.
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